Da Nang travel guide

Da Nang was the more “resorty” part of Vietnam, or just like Indonesia’s very own Bali, only less modern and touristy. At the moment, locals and Asia tourists still contribute the most income to the Da Nang travel industry and the local resorts, but I am hoping that in a few years more and more international tourists packing Da Nang. I hope this guide can help you in planning your trip to Da Nang or hopefully influence you to book your tickets directly right after reading this post!


Air Asia is currently the first and only airline which has the direct access from Kuala Lumpur (KLIA) to Da Nang International Airport (PS: Da Nang is Vietnam’s fifth biggest city with the international airport becoming the third busiest in Vietnam).


Da Nang is a part of Vietnam and the country’s currency is Vietnamese Da Nang (VND). By September 12th 2016, 1 VND = IDR 0,6 and changing on a daily basis, visit this website for the exchange rate update.

Da Nang travel guide


Vietnam is located in South East Asia and being located in tropical region, the weather in general is hot and humid with the chance of rain. Vietnam’s weather on 3-7 September 2016 ranged from 35-37 degree celcius with occasional mild and hard rain.


When travelling to Vietnam and based on my experience, I directly went and purchase the mobile sim card from MAX SIM by Vinaphone and I got the 5 GB 3G mobile data for as cheap as VND 100.000 (IDR 70k/$4)


Accomodation in Da Nang is cheap to affordable in general with class ranging from hostels to five star resort.
Average cost for:
Hostels in Da Nang: VND 130.000/night
Boutique hotels: VND 500.000/night
4&5-star hotels: VND 2.000.000/night

Da Nang travel guide


Vietnamese are big motorcycle drivers and based on my personal experience, bad drivers.
There’s something about the structure of Da Nang city that reminds me of my home town Singkawang and same as Singkawang, motorcycle is probably the most convenient way to explore the city. I didn’t see a lot of public transportations in Da Nang other than taxi, and Uber is not available here.
Unfortunately, Da Nang taxi drivers are not the most honest. Me and my friends wanted to hang out at the well-known skybar and being a complete stranger to the city, we obviously opted for taxi and depended on it (and the Google map). We reached the place with the fare of VND 30.000, but when my friend gave the driver VND 300.000 (he thought he gave him VND 30.000), he only returned my friend VND 30.000 and wanted to take VND 270.000, luckily the kind hotel staff approached us and spoke to the driver whatever it was he was saying in Vietnamese and we got the proper VND 270.000 chance. It’s not the money, it’s the honesty and it’s a bit disappointing – but trust me I don’t really “stereotype” people, dishonest people are just everywhere in the world.

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