Unique cafe in Hanoi: “There is no wifi here, let’s talk like in 1992!”


For the time being, it is familiar for a cafe with wifi network. However, there is a small cafe in Hanoi firmly say “no” to wifi with the aim of providing a truly “friend zone”.

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In the heart of Hanoi, the small pavement cafe called Phố Êm (Gentle Street) is famous for its special board: “There is no wifi here, let’s talk like in1992!”

” Located on Tran Nhan Tong Street, the small café opens only after 8 pm but still attracts a large number of visitors every day. It only includes a small trolley with a roof and dozens of plastic chairs for guests.

At the first glance, this place is just like the sidewalk tea shop, but it also has interesting differences to attract passersby. 

The cafe is located at a corner of Tran Nhan Tong Street (Hanoi) Phố Êm provides variety of drinks, coffee and matcha at reasonable prices.

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The most distinctive feature is a board made of extremely simple paper with slogan “There is no wifi here, let’s talk like in1992!” 

People come to Êm not to use wifi but to truly enjoy the cafe… And to chat with friends like in the 90s … 

The owner even prepared a chess board for relaxing Hand-written signboards are extremely funny and interesting! 

When unfortunately there is nothing to say, do not worry! there is even a … chess board for you. Or you can read some funny slogans like “How long have you not drunk?” or “Notice: Please read the notice when there is notice!”. Or you can simply enjoy a cup of coffee while looking at the streets at late night.

The “spirit child” of young people

The “spirit child” of young people under 20 years old Truong Duc Anh – “The owner” said that this cafe is founded by him and three other close friends. They are all not yet 20 years old, but their “spirit child” is quite speciall. 

Truong Duc Anh, the “little boss” of “Êm” Duc Anh and 3 close friends have managed all kinds of activities from preparing the place, drinks, welcoming guests and decorating …

Born in 1997, currently a student of Hanoi Open University. Once in a while, Duc Anh and his close friends found their evening time is quite free and all of them came up with the idea of spending this time to do something meaningful. So “Êm” was founed. 

When asked why choosing this name he said, “Well, that’s a mouth-to-mouth phrase we talked about, besides, as you can see, Tran Nhan Tong Street is quite quiet, rustic, simple and not as crowded as some other streets .. 

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At 9, 10 pm, this street is very quiet. Sitting here is very peaceful. Regarding the board “There is no wifi here”, this is not a direct statement by Duc Anh and his friends but is varied for conveying the spirit of “Êm”.

The reason for choosing the time “in 1992” was also explained by Duc Anh. It was chosen in a rather random way. In one hand, the Internet was not popular in 1992, in the other hand, the sound “ninety two” is perfectly matched with the word “wifi” in Vietnamese. 

Is this a pretty cute reason? Mr. Son who works near Tran Nhan Tong Street and has visited “Êm” several times This none wifi cafe model has received a lot of positive feedback from customers. 

Mr. Son, said: “This model is quite interesting and unique. At present, people go to café but rely on social networks too much. It seems like they not going with friends, but actually with a mobile device! I hope that this model will be developed.”

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